Perfect Summer Giveaways for Every Event!

Summer’s right around the corner. Outdoor events and festivals will be popping up everywhere. To get ready, we’ve paired 5 popular summer events with 5 promotional products that have fun written all over them.

1. Company Family Picnics

Pair one of our Made-In-USA pails with a fun, branded stuffed animal to create the perfect family-friendly summer giveaway. Don’t forget to add a shovel and lid!



2. Farmers’ Markets

Hand sanitizers come in handy as shoppers visit vendors and sample different foods.


3. Marathons/5ks

Sports bottles are no-brainer. Runners need a lot of water!


Easy Squeezy 24oz Sports Bottle -Crystal

4. Music Festivals

Sunglasses are the ultimate outdoor music festival giveaway. Everyone can use an extra pair to keep in the car or in a purse.



5. Corporate Retreats

Load up a lunch cooler with snacks and other goodies and present them to your guests as they arrive at the event. They’ll appreciate the treats during those long days of never-ending meetings.


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