Oxfords: Good, Better, Best

Continuing with our Good, Better, Best suggestions on our most popular apparel, Oxfords are one that can range from low to high quality with an obvious difference. Even our “Good” recommendation, though, receives glowing reports and re-orders. Here are our top picks in each category to help narrow down your search before placing an order…

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GOOD: Ash City – Core 365 Men’s & Ladies Operate Long-Sleeve Twill Shirt
Pricing: $29.50 1-12 units, $29.25 13-23 units, $27.45 24-47 units

BETTER: Devon & Jones Men’s & Ladies Pima Advantage Twill
Pricing: $42.25 1-12 units, $41.95 13-23 units, $39.95 24-47 units

BESTDevon & Jones Men’s & Ladies Crown Collection Solid Broadcloth
Pricing: $43.05 1-12 units, $42.80 13-23 units, $40.80 24-47 units

*Prices includes logos up to 5,000 stitches and may be subject to lower should stitch count fall below 5,000 stitches.*

MORE styles can be found here.

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