2015 Drinkware

New year, new products. We have new items in every category imaginable, from writing instruments to bags, tech products to healthy & safety, office to outdoor…you name it. So let’s start  with one of our most popular categories: DRINKWARE!!! Hot, new products in a variety of price ranges…

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Ice Cool Infuser Tumbler 20oz
1. 20 oz Ice Cool Infuser Tumbler
Description: Great for adding fresh fruit, mint or herbs to water or other beverages. Tube easily unscrews from lid for filling, washing, or for use of tumbler without the infuser feature. Matching polypropylene straw with stopper. BPA Free.
Available Colors: Blue, Grey, Lime, Red
As Low As: $4.98 each


media.pcna2. 24 oz Vintage Mason Jar Infuser
Description: Two hot trends in one! Retro vintage mason jar style with sea glass color is integrated with infuser. Add a burst of fresh flavor to water or beverages by adding fresh fruit, mint leaves or herbs to your water or beverage. Tube easily unscrews from lid for filling, washing, or for use of jar without the infuser feature. Polypropylene straw with stopper. BPA free.
Available Colors: Sea Glass
As Low As: $4.98


Snackin' Sedici Tumbler 20oz3. 20 oz Snackin’ Sedici Tumbler
Description: Conveniently take your beverage and snack on the go in one hand! Integrated compartment in lid has flip-open top for storing food. Double-wall acrylic body. Matching polypropylene straw with stopper. BPA free.
Available Colors: Blue, Grey, Red
As Low As: $6.98


Geometric Stainless Sport Bottle4. 16 oz Geomtric Stainless Sports Bottle
Description: Part of our Bold Geometry trend collection, this style is defined by angles that create a great visual experience. Inner wall is stainless steel with geometric cuts, outer wall is smooth in acrylic material for logo adhesion. Lid is screw on/off. Stainless steel inner wall is removable for easy cleaning or use of the acrylic bottle without the liner.
Available ColorsSea Glass
As Low As: $9.98


ID Chalkboard Ceramic Mug 16oz5. 16 oz ID Chalkboard Ceramic Mug
Description: Never wonder which mug is yours with this ID mug featuring chalkboard area. Write your name directly on the designated “This Mug Property Of” space with chalk and easily wash off with water. Choose between color imprinting or our cutting edge dishwasher safe laser decorating method. Chalk not included.
Available Colors: Cream
As Low As: $6.98


New Balance® Core Sport Bottle 26oz


6. 26 oz New Balance Core Sport Bottle
Description: Classic squeeze bottle has screw off lid and push-button spout for drinking. Removable ring attaches to neck with loop for carrying. BPA free.
Available ColorsBlueGreyRed
As Low As: $4.98


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