Community Partnerships

As our company has grown, we have recognized how important the local community has been throughout the process. We are constantly working to support non-profits and help local organizations keep their donor dollars in the right places. We know that helping organizations get their mission, events and overall awareness out there will only benefit the total reach of people they can positively affect.

For this reason, we have dedicated a person at Distinct Images, Jenny Boling, to work specifically with local non-profits to try to help them save money on items such as tshirts/wearables, promo items and other marketing materials. By creating this partnership, we feel that it helps non-profits raise more money for their cause, and helps us create great partnerships in the community.

Whether it’s tshirts or water bottles for a walk, koozies or coolers for a golf outing, wine glasses or stone coasters for a gala, or yard signs and banners for a festival…we know there is a need for promotional items in order to raise awareness and money at an event. And since we provide all of these types of products and many, many more…we want to be the name that people think of when they are in the beginning stages of planning a fundraiser! We offer special non-profit pricing and even in-kind donations and sponsorships when we can.

So to all the non-profits out there – we’re here for you! We want to help and we’re excited to partner with you and your organizations. Give Jenny a call and she will help from start to finish (and throw in some free DI swag while she’s at it)!

Keep Promoting!