2014 Fashion Trends

If you want basic wearables on basic garments, we can certainly do that. We’re good at it and it’s an industry standard. But what makes us stand apart is our knowledge of fashion, current and upcoming trends and what appeals to people who want to wear their branded apparel. That’s where our Director of Business Development, Julie Sell, comes in. Guys…she’s good. She has been known to take good spirit wear school programs and turn them into GREAT. She picks out pieces that students, faculty and parents will love to wear. It’s true. She’s that good. So listen up, because she’s sharing secrets…

Neon came back in last year and guess what? Their colorations are still in. Especially in athletics. (Did you hear that, summer leagues?) However, softer washed out colors are working their way in the mix, too. Pastels + pigments, both faded + muted…we’ll be seeing a lot of growth there, particularly more in the fashion area.

According to one of our apparel vendors, the term to know is ‘Authentic Pigment’: noun. an urban palette of mustard tones that mimic the earthy shades of natural materials. Write that down. Another color trend? Indigos. Warm colors + radient orchid.

earth tones

Preppy is in. The pocket tshirt, with a contrast fabric for the pocket a different color. What else in terms of preppy? Think Ked’s tennis shoes and Sperry’s…but look out! Birkenstock is just around the corner. You just watch. Those go along with the more muted tones and colors. Oh and bucket hats! They are fun in the sun and as sideline items. Don’t make fun, you’ll be wearing one before you know it.

pocket T + sweatshirt

Especially for the ladies, we’re seeing a lot of flowy tanks + tees and cropped tops.

Ladies Shirt StylesCamo! It’s here and it’s popular and it’s not just in the greens…we’re seeing it in a rainbow of colors. Your run-of-the-mill camo, as well as ‘Digital Camo’.

image033 digital camo

Most people own a 50/50 blend tshirt, but most people will actually wear something that feels more comfortable, looks more on-trend and has a rich design to it (pun intended). So take it from our resident expert and go get yourself some Keds and a bucket hat for the Spring!

Keep Promoting!
– Julie