Capitalize on winter promos!

An average snowflake is made up of 180 billion molecules of water, which means Indianapolis is filled with a TON of water right now. I don’t even think that number exists. As in many surrounding cities and states, things have looked mostly like this over the past few days here…

Snowstorm 2014

and this..

car in snow

I think it’s safe to say almost every business was closed Monday, many remained closed on Tuesday and as of today (Thursday) schools are still on delays and cancellations. Parents are pulling their hair out over the longest holiday break ever, while kids are high-fiving and making plans to get back out and build more snow forts.

What does all of this mean for the promotional product industry?
It’s a perfect time to capitalize on a fun, creative, new year + winter season promo for your company!

One idea is to order winter caps, embroider your logo on them, and send out to your top 25 customers. Or top 25 prospects. Embroidery orders are great because there is typically no minimum order and they have a decent turn around time.

DI CapAnother idea is to give away ice/snow scrapers. Use them on your social media platforms to award to people who interact with you. Send some surprise snail mail. Have a basket of them in the front of your office for the foot traffic customers to take. Oh and guess what? We have two of our most popular types on special right now:

distinctimages_ice scraper

Blizzard Ice Scraper :: $1.09/ea :: 500 unit min.

distinctimages_snow brush

Ice Scraper/Snow Brush :: $3.96/ea :: 96 unit min.

Sure it’s no fun to dig your car out of the snow or wait and wait (and wait) for the plow truck to make it to your street. We get it. But there are perks to this weather. Getting your organization’s name out there and in the hands of your customers + community is definitely one of them!

Keep Promoting!