Facebook Promo Photo Contest!

It’s summer, the weather is beautiful and we’re just feeling down right generous. And curious…what promo products do you have on your desk? In your home? In your car? At your school? We want to know and we want to SEE. So here’s how this works…easy as 1-2-3.

{ONE} Snap a quick photo of your favorite, most used, most coveted, or most unique promotional product you have.
{TWO} Email that photo to: marketing@distinctimages.net.
{THREE} We will post your photo on the Distinct Images Facebook Page, and you will encourage your friends and followers to “Like!” your photo.

The photo that received the most “Likes!” by Friday August 23rd at 11:00am will win a Distinct Images Prize Pack that includes:

Photo Contest Prize Pack

Photo Contest Prize Pack

  • *two* super soft, trendy t-shirts
  • koozies to keep your frosty beverages cold
  • winter cap
  • micorfiber cloths to carefully clean your sunglasses, computer screen and smart phone
  • double-wall tumbler with straw to use and reuse again. and again.
  • helpful office supplies
  • Starbucks gift card

Follow us on Facebook HERE and let the photo contest…BEGIN!

Keep Promoting!