ASI Show Chicago: Treats & Treasures

Last week Julie and Jim attend the ASI Show Chicago and came back with some interesting stuff. Here are some goodies I pulled from their bag-o-treasures…






1. Sidekick iPad and Tablet Fingerprint Cleaner
What is it? It’s a handy little pocket sized box-and-cleaner-tool-in-one contraption that clears the fingerprints off of your touch-screen technology.
Who is it good for? Tech companies and any business that works on a computer (which is probably 99.9%)
Survey Says: “Is that a sidekick in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”


scented pens

2. Gourmet Scented Pencils
What is it? Well I’m glad you asked because this could get confusing: It’s a pen and a pencil that is scented. To the scent of your choice. The imprint is located on the kraft-colored piece of the pen, which is also the material that radiates the powerful scent.
Who is it good for?  Schools, Youth-Focused Companies/Organizations, Dessert-Focused Eatery
Survey Says: “We love the “gourmet” part. You might think you’re smelling plain old strawberry, but if you sniff closely…they’re actually GOURMET strawberries.”


Stand N' Wrap Universal Phone Stand




3. Stand N’ Wrap Universal Phone Stand
What is it? It’s a rubber suction cup with a small box on top that not only fits a logo perfectly, but is framed with rubber to help hold your cell phone in place.
Who is it good for? Cell Phone Companies, Techy Businesses, anyone who has a cell phone
Survey Says: “What’s wrong with just putting your phone right on the table? But we will admit…it’s not only impressive how well the cell phone stays on the rubber-framed box, but it’s a clever way to get your logo on the desks of people with cell phones (aka: all desks. everywhere.).”


Custom Water Bottle_distinctimages








4. Custom Water Bottle
What is it: It’s a foldable plastic water bottle that can be customized to any shape, size and color.
Who is it good for? Camps, Schools, Sports Teams
Survey Says: “Thank goodness for the carabiner clip on the side…we look forward to seeing all you men out there with water dangling from your murse.”









5. Cell Phone Screen Cleaner Sticker
What is it? It’s a micro fiber phone screen cleaner sticker that is always handy since it sticks to the devices we carry with us. The sticker doesn’t leave any residue and is easy to remove when you need to peel-off and clean.
Who is it good for? Tech companies and any business that works on a computer (again…a ton of people!)
Survey Says:You already protect your phone with that gigantic case, why not carry around the solution to an always-clean screen, too!”

Which one is your favorite?

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