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We are fortunate to work with so many wonderful, growing and local businesses. Not only do we enjoy being their promotional products and apparel providers, but we enjoy learning about what they do, who they serve and how THEY succeed.

Recently we sat down with our friend David Caswell from Pools of Fun to learn more about their booming success, new initiatives and overall marketing strategies. For 32 years Pools of Fun has been bringing inground pools and above ground pools to backyards in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. From custom crafted luxury inground pools to affordable above ground pool options, they offer a wide range of in-ground pool designs to suit backyards and budgets of all sizes. Since breaking ground on our first project in 1981, they have grown from a small family business to Indiana’s largest pool company. They truly believe that their unflagging commitment to service and the customer experience is what sets them apart in the pool industry, and what earned them the 2011 award for Best Local Pool Builder.

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We started working with them less than a year ago and have enjoyed watching them grow! We learned through their strategic and targeted marketing plan, they successfully gain customers within their target market through positive referrals, high-quality product + work, and year-round selling. Our interview gives helpful insite as to their take on promotional products and planned marketing as a contributor to success…

Distinct Images: How did you stumble upon DI?
David: We were referred through our fabric and swimwear designer. We are establishing our own custom high-end apparel line of swimwear products with a more subtle approach to our logo and brand. We wanted an apparel line in addition to this that is filled with more direct branding on high quality items, which is why we came to Distinct Images.

Distinct Images: How would you describe your marketing approach?
David: Strategic and targeted. We don’t invest in things like TV and newspaper ads to lead people to us. We work with our targeted clientele hoping that through our customers, new customers will find us…so far it’s been working.
A couple of years ago we evaluated our business, where we were and how far we had come and we realized we could either remain at the same level and stay stagnant, or take the steps to step things up. We chose the latter and decided to invest and be strategic. Stagnant wasn’t good enough anymore. Even though a lot of people can do what we do, we wanted to take the steps to do it the best.

Distinct Images: What items have you ordered from Distinct Images so far?
David: T-Shirts with unique placement imprinting, featuring our new “Pool Shark” brand that you came up with, and beach towels.

Distinct Images: Why do you think there is value in branded promotional products?
David: If our customers are proud enough to wear products and use items with the Pools of Fun branding, it’s their way of referring us to our target audience. We offer a high-end solution to all pool needs, so wearing our imprinted apparel and using our beach towels communicates to others that they have worked with a reputable, high-end company for their pool needs. Our customers take pride in associating themselves with our company, and that, in turn, helps grow our business and brand recognition.

Distinct Images: Do your competitors use promo products as a marketing tool?
David: No. Our market share doesn’t compare to others; overall we do more business. We look forward to this being another way that we will set ourselves apart from our competitors.

Distinct Images: What do you do off-season to keep your name circulating?
David: We market off-season, and generally our competitors don’t. We’re out selling in the winter. Now with our apparel line we will launch various new apparel lines in the off-season as well, promote holiday gift-giving, etc. Our business doesn’t stop at the end of October – it’s a 12-month effort.

Distinct Images: Have you seen a direct increase in sales or increase in brand awareness due to your distribution of promotional products?
David: Not yet, but it’s so new. I bet if we re-visit this question in a year after our apparel and merchandise campaign has been out for 12 months we’ll have some success to share!

Sales & Promos, Pool Safety Tips, Community Events and more are listed within their Fun Zone!

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