Uniquely Decorated

The purpose of branding is to create a distinct and lasting impression of a company. Effective branding creates a unique, persistent identity that people associate with quality, origin, personality and preference. Yet building a brand can require considerable investment and time. Corporate apparel offers a cost-effective branding option. Adopting corporate apparel has both internal and external benefits for a company.

Most of the logo/artwork placement we do is full front (screen printing) and left chest (embroidery), and there is nothing wrong with that. Those two locations are easily seen, recognizable and what people are used to. However, we happen to think that if you have your decoration uniquely placed, your brand will be noticed in a different kind of way. Dare I say…a more memorable way? To help get your wheels turning, here are some different ways to brand your apparel through both screen printing and embroidery:

Hoodie Hood_distinctimages

We love this! Imprint on the hood of your hoodie!

Sleeve Imprinting_distinctimages

Decorating on the sleeve is eye-catching and a great way to carry an icon associated with your brand throughout the apparel piece.

Shark T_distinctimages

Full front is popular, but it’s not often we see imprinting OVER a pocket. It’s simply unique.

Bike T-Shirt_distinctimages

Rotate your image and print it up the side.

chain line T_distinctimages

Another great example of a side imprint! Even though more decorative and artistic, this placement could apply for an enlarged logo or event information.

Corporate apparel offers an economical and highly effective branding method. Whether worn daily for a company dress code or at an event – it distinctly brands your organization in a professional way. Oh and bytheway, it does part of your marketing for you. So switch it up. Be creative. Stick your decoration in a unique and memorable location that will set you apart from all the rest.

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{Photos from the DI Pinterest page and TriMark Apparel Catalog}