Hats Off!

There are Performance Caps…Mid Profile caps…Stretch Caps, oh my! Unstructured and Thick Stitch and Cotton Twill and Snap Back. The list goes on and on (and on), and all you know is that you. need. a. cap. All these fancy terms just make things more complicated…until you realize that the difference from one to another can make a big impression on the end-user. Here, let us break down the most important elements for you:

Structured Cap: Front panels have backing to make it rigid and keep shape.

Structured Cap_Distinct Images

Structure and extra support on bottom side

Unstructured Cap: Front panels are fabric only and include no backing to give it support and make it rigid.

unstructured cap_distinctimages

Unstructured with no extra lining or support on the inside.

Cotton Twill: This refers to the type of fabric and we would venture to say that it’s the most popular type.

Cotton Twill_4tile

Four of MANY Cotton Twill Caps

Additionally, don’t forget to consider the different profile styles: Low, Mid and High.

Low Profile Cap_distinctimages

Low Profile: The front panel tends to follow the contour of your head.

Mid Profile Cap_distinctimages

Mid Profile: The most common style which stands up slightly so that whatever is on the front panel is clearly visible.

High Profile Cap_distinctimages

High Profile: These almost stand straight up like a billboard. Think “trucker hat”.

And as if we haven’t confused you enough already, there are different types of closures, too. This defines how the size of the cap is adjusted.

Fitted Closure Cap

Fitted Closer Cap: The back of this style is closed and the fit is determined by an elastic band. These usually come in “one size fits all” or S/M and L/XL.

Snap Back Cap_distinct images

Snap Back: The old school adjustable plastic strap. Think trucker or little league caps.

Hook and Loop_distinctimages

Hook and Loop: Another way to say “Velcro” where the band slides through a hook on one side and folds back over itself.

Fabric Strap D Hook_distinctimages

Fabric Strap and D-Clip: Also referred to as “Buckle & Grommet”. This is like the Hook & Loop but where that style can come apart, this option is secured and adjusts like a strap on a bag.

Caps seem to be the most common styles of hats, but there are others that are also popular and a great tool to use for a branded product…

Hats Options_distinctimages Hats Options2_distinctimages

The cost per impression of a promotional product in the U.S. is $.005 cents per impression, and according to a recent study, caps and hats as a product category delivery more than 400 impressions per month.

Hats off! Order up!