Customer Spotlight :: Brackets for Good

We are lucky to be involved with all sorts of different local companies and organizations in our community. Small businesses, large businesses, schools and nonprofits…we work with a ton of awesome people.

Brackets for Good is no exception.

Brackets For Good

If you’ve ever stepped foot in Indiana you have probably heard about no less than two of the following things: “Hoosiers”, “Larry Bird”, “Hinkle Fieldhouse”, “Assembly Hall”, “Bob Knight”…and “pork tenderloin sandwiches”, but that’s another post.  We are basketball country. We live for March Madness. We love the energy that college ball exudes. We also love doing good. And that perfect recipe of basketball + the greater good is just how Brackets for Good (BFG) was made. “What if we created an online bracket system that helped raised money for Indianapolis nonprofits? We are Hoosiers! Right?!,” exclaimed BFG’s Founder, Matt McIntyre, after Butler sadly lost their second chance at a national championship title on April 4, 2011. The idea was born and right after, so was the organization.

What is Brackets for Good? So glad you asked!

They are a charitable organization that provides web-based fundraising support for other nonprofit organizations at no cost. Nonprofits advance through the tournament through scoring more points that their opponent. Every dollar donated is equal to one point, and points reset each round. The best part? 100% (yes you read that right: one. hundred. percent.) of all tourney donations go to the nonprofit regardless of advancement, and the winning nonprofit receives a grand prize donation of $5,000 from the BFG title sponsor! It’s competitive giving at its finest.

Here. This video will paint a good picture for you: Brackets For Good Overview


We are proud to be a Round Sponsor this year in the tournament. As an Indianapolis-based company built on the foundation of assisting in the success of the companies and organizations around us, we seek out organizations that align with our values. We enjoy supporting local nonprofits by providing promotional items that will reach more people and communicate their core messages. By us providing marketing materials, organizations are able to share their initiatives and increase awareness. We are proud to work with several local nonprofit groups here in Indianapolis such at the Alzheimer’s Association, Movember Indy, Make a Wish Foundation, among many others. That said, our partnership with BFG is a natural fit. We enjoy basketball and all the hype March Madness creates, but more importantly we thrive on involvement with local nonprofits.

Brackets for Good’s foundation is helping as many nonprofits as they can, and we love that!

“If you put your effort and concentration into playing to your potential, to be the best that you can be, I don’t care what the scoreboard says at the end of the game, in my book we’re gonna be winners.” – Coach Norman Dale, Hoosiers