How do you promote your brand?

If you live in Indianapolis then you know that as a city we just got through with one of the biggest events in recent memory, the Super Bowl.  The whole event went off, for the most part, without a hitch.  If you heard it once in the news you’ve heard it twice, everyone attending from out of town has raved about how nice the Indianapolis community has been.  We set record attendance numbers at the NFL Experience.  Plus, we successfully fooled everyone into thinking that 50 degree weather in February is the norm!

Soldiers and Sailors Monument with XLVI Roman numerals in front.

Two story multimedia Roman numerals, good. Backed by the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, better.

The Host Committee and our city leaders all realized the huge opportunity the Super Bowl presented to sell our city in a different light.  Every avenue from the advertising and outdoor activities to the Super Bowl Village and “Hoosier Hospitality” was maximized to get the greatest possible return.  Indianapolis exceeded expectations and used this chance to build its brand for years to come.

I think it’s easy to draw a correlation between everything the Host Committee did to make sure that the Super Bowl was a success and the things you need to do when promoting your brand, whether business or personal. Everything involved with your brand and your advertising deserves the utmost attention to be sure that it correctly conveys your message.  If your brand doesn’t convey the correct message then you’re wasting time and money.

Here are some points to take into consideration…..

Company Logo: This, for every intent and purpose, is the face of your company.  It’s what everyone sees and will associate your company too.  People will have some expectations depending on your services, years in business and price ranges your products hit.  If you own/operate a consulting business and your clientele are high-status CEO’s don’t have a business card with a logo on it that looks like you created with Microsoft Word Art.  Hire a graphic designer to create a good, clean logo that has meaning behind it.

Colors: The colors in your logo are just as important as the design of the logo, they should be complimentary to each other and be aesthetically pleasing.  When picking products for promotional use, strive to find/use products that match your color palette.  Perfect example, the other day I received a red flexible LED lamp from a major insurance company whose colors are red and white.  If I would have opened the package and saw that the lamp was blue I would have thought that this was an error and that time wasn’t taken to be sure the product was correct.Flexi LED Lamp

Now, I will say that I see some exception to this rule when it comes to apparel.  While promotional products have to stand alone once the target audience has them back in their office, apparel will only be present when your staff is as well.  As long as your corporate apparel isn’t a “uniform” there may be more value in always having your logo present vs. having it be a specific color.  Adapt the colors to match the garment or have a one color option available that looks good with all colors.

Avouch Logo - Color Matching

Products: Depending on your target market product choice is huge.  If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, the point of promotional products is to get your logo/brand face time.  The longer your target audience keeps your product the better the exposure.  Take the time to choose products that convey your message and offer value.  If you’re a car dealership key rings make a lot of sense; if you’re a bakery, not so much.

Worried that you’ll run out of products to choose from if you’re always looking for new options that fit this idea?  Don’t be.  There are a million different products out there to choose from.  *The quantity of 1 million is an approximation.*

Promotional products and apparel are a great way to promote your brand, but without effort can easily miss the mark.  Next time you use one of these avenues be like the Super Bowl Host Committee and give your attention to every facet.  It’ll pay off in the long run.

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Jody C.